What will people do for billions in gold?

How far will they go?

How many people will they kill?

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Following his ordeal in Iran (The Minders), Jason reduced his work hours at the Defense Language Institute presenting at seminars only, to rejoin the CIA’s special task force on the Middle East.

Sitting at his desk one morning, he receives an encrypted email containing a series of files. He reads and passes them off to the proper people thinking it’s the end. Within days, they summon him to a meeting between the CIA and FBI; the topic merely read ‘Urgent - For Your Eyes Only.’ At the meeting, he learns that the email and associated files point to the needed evidence in a long-standing case against one of the world’s largest private military companies, an American company. There is only one problem, details about the evidence is known only by the key witness and he’s gone missing, somewhere in Iraq. They task Jason with finding the witness, validating the evidence, and extracting them both.

Jason’s fluency in cultural nuances, local dialects, and regional geography make him the best person to blend in, with the requisite skills to survive and adapt to the chaos that is Iraq. The pursuit takes him all over Iraq, to Iran, and to multiple theaters of war, facing Iraqis, ISIS killers, Russians, and corrupt Americans.

But, he’s not the only one hunting for the witness.