I Have a T-Shirt - Trust Me

Jun 06 2004

During the height of the battles between Bush and Kerry, some two weeks or so left before the elections, I received a knock on the front door of my house. Standing there was a nice young man, who was very much in favor of one of the two candidates.

Not having opened the door completely, he began his pitch on how important it was for us to get involved and fights in the battle ground states were heating up, and that they could definitely us my $100 donation. I agreed with him with the following exceptions: First, California (a.k.a., "Kaleefoerneea") was not a battle ground state, and second, my money will not get to the battle ground states till well after the elections.

More importantly, I will not write a check to some stranger at my front door. having mentioned this to this young man, he said:

"I have a T-Shirt."

"A T-Shirt!?!", I said with a bewildered look on my face.

"Yes," he said, "and it should prove that I am who I say I am. Oh, yes! We can also give you a receipt."

After a very long moment of shock and reflective quiet, I thanked him for his time and sent him off with my best wishes. 

Contributed to Boroumand by A.R., San Rafael, California, 2004

Take Away Lessons For the Guilty

  1. Don't come to anyone's house and ask for money with a T-Shirt as your credential. You might get the shit kicked out of you.

  2. Don't then follow with an offer of a receipt hoping it will clench the deal.

In this world of identity theft, we have to be very cautious with regards to whom we provide bank account numbers, signatures, home address, and the like ... So do please try another technique, as we want to help but are forced to be cautious, as should all of you.

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