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Iran will have Nuclear Bombs in Three Years!

Jan 01 2010

The most important question is not whether Iran will or will not have the bomb, but what should we do with an Iran that has nuclear capabilities. We should seriously look at Iran under a different light and begin to separate the theocratic government, a minority loosing power, from its pro-western people, a silent majority that will soon be in power.

"The Minders" (Available Now)

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Iran’s most covert operation is revealed, which in turn unearths three decades of clandestine work.

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"Autarky" (Available Now)

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Sitting at his desk, Jason receives an email that changes everything. He leaves for Iraq and finds himself in the middle of a war, surrounded by greed, death and destruction.

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"Digital Darkness" (Available Now)

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An EMP attack, takes out 1/7 of the country. All evidence points to the Chinese. Reality is far from what we see and know. The Chinese hardware and software are at the heart of the attack. But they are not the guilty ones.

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