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The War in Iraq ... Do Over!

Jan 30 2007
As a tactical play to reduce short term violence, it may be consequential to the degree we know whom we are to capture, kill or control.

However, the fluidity of the groups we are to fight, and their ability to blend into society, whilst being fully protected by their own people, not to mention the existence of fear, death, and other forms of intimidation, make this a hard military play. But, let us assume that the new military structure and the “new” rules of engagement are appropriate…for now!

The bigger question is: “What happens during and after this military play?” Here is one view.

"The Minders" (Available Now)

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Iran’s most covert operation is revealed, which in turn unearths three decades of clandestine work.

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"Autarky" (Available Now)

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Sitting at his desk, Jason receives an email that changes everything. He leaves for Iraq and finds himself in the middle of a war, surrounded by greed, death and destruction.

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"Digital Darkness" (Available Now)

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An EMP attack, takes out 1/7 of the country. All evidence points to the Chinese. Reality is far from what we see and know. The Chinese hardware and software are at the heart of the attack. But they are not the guilty ones.

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