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Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) | Gas Pipeline Safety and Tree Cuting Project | One Family's Journey

Mar 10 2017

"Man, like a tree in the cleft of a rock, gradually shapes his roots to his surroundings,
and when the roots have grown to a certain size, can't be displaced without cutting at his life.
" Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes

Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) a northern California utilities company embarked on a gas pipeline safety project whereby they would clear the easements around their pipe by clearing and cutting tress over a 6500 mile stretch of pipeline. Was it necessary? Was it researched well enough? Was the work communicated to the general public? What were the effects on the community and people whose trees and vegetation were removed?  This is one family's journey.

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An EMP attack, takes out 1/7 of the country. All evidence points to the Chinese. Reality is far from what we see and know. The Chinese hardware and software are at the heart of the attack. But they are not the guilty ones.

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