Digital Darkness - A Broken Country

"The ease by which one can effectuate an EMP attack is scary. "

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On a hot summer night, during a heat wave, the entire Southeastern states fall into darkness.

At first, they attribute the outages to excessive energy consumption. A common occurrence during heat waves. Within days, the government realizes it’s an EMP attack like none they have ever studied, researched, or even speculated was possible. It was Chinese hardware and firmware at the heart of the attack, but they were not the guilty party.

A group hacked into a Chinese manufacturing facility, stealing source code for hardware sold to the Americans. The hackers reverse engineer the code, opening a back door to the hardware. Subsequently, they hack into a U.S. based electric utility company server, effectuating the attack, all under the guise of a prank, a challenge, something fun to do. They had no clue what they had wrought or what the Chinese hardware could do.

With one seventh of the country gone dark, and millions displaced, the entire dead zone falls into anarchy and chaos. While the people inside the dead zone deal with the economic fallout and collapse of civil society, Jason Caius and a small group outside the country chase down the culprits and deliver justice.

(This is the third in the Jason Caius thriller collection, following Autarky.)