Iran Targeting Expatriates

Feb 02 2012
One year ago in one of the last days of January 2011, the Islamic Republic of Iran announced the execution of Zahra Bahrami, an Iranian-Dutch citizen visiting Iran. Bahrami is one of many Iranian expatriates punished following an unfair judicial process. Over the years, several Iranians with dual citizenship who worked with the Iranian civil society, facilitated exchanges of ideas, or relayed news coming from Iran, have been arrested. Some have been released thanks to sustained international pressure. Others however, are still serving prison sentences, or are on death row, such as Saeed Malekpour, an Iranian-Canadian computer programmer. The government message is clear: communicating independently with Iranians or echoing their voices is not allowed. And it works.

Iran will have Nuclear Bombs in Three Years!

Jan 01 2010

The most important question is not whether Iran will or will not have the bomb, but what should we do with an Iran that has nuclear capabilities. We should seriously look at Iran under a different light and begin to separate the theocratic government, a minority loosing power, from its pro-western people, a silent majority that will soon be in power.

United Behavioral Health - A true David and Goliath story!

Sep 24 2007
United Behavioral Health hires a consultant on a time and materials basis for a short strategy project. At the end of the project, after all the work and deliverables were presented and handed over, they decided not to pay. Corporate greed was trumping the hard work of one person. When it was all said and done, and after many threats by them and their lawyers to stop telling the truth, and after presenting a very detailed timeline and all supporting signed agreements and documents, the consultant was paid.

The War in Iraq ... Do Over!

Jan 30 2007
As a tactical play to reduce short term violence, it may be consequential to the degree we know whom we are to capture, kill or control.

However, the fluidity of the groups we are to fight, and their ability to blend into society, whilst being fully protected by their own people, not to mention the existence of fear, death, and other forms of intimidation, make this a hard military play. But, let us assume that the new military structure and the “new” rules of engagement are appropriate…for now!

The bigger question is: “What happens during and after this military play?” Here is one view.

Iran's Moment

Apr 04 2005

For more than two decades, the Islamic Republic of Iran has been the source of political crisis on several fronts – human rights violations, involvement in acts of terror and support of terrorist organizations, nuclear ambitions – that have required urgent international attention. At the same time, the flawed and fading image of an Iranian nation in complete harmony with its leaders has long been replaced by that of a young rebellious citizenship at odds with its government and contemptuous of its ideology.

Palestinians Finally Run Out of Rocks

Jan 01 2005

WEST BANK - Palestinian stone throwers disclosed for the first time Friday, that due to a gross miscalculation of their arsenal, they had finally run out of rocks and would be forced to come up with more inventive ways of continuing their Intifada on the Jewish state of Israel...

Consulting Chronicles – Expenses Are a Form of Compensation

Jul 07 2004

This is an area that is of great importance because it constitutes between 15-20% of consulting fees which in turn are in the billions of dollars per year.

Expenses are typically categorized and titled in proposals as, "all necessary and out pf pocket travel and lodging expenses accrued as part of delivering said services." These expenses are usually cost based (i.e., whatever you paid out), in some cases they are fixed as a percentage of the fees (e.g., not to exceed 10-15%), and in rare cases they are highly regulated per diems [government work.]

Man drowns in a river with an average depth of one (1) inch

Jun 07 2004
With all of the polls and statistics bandied about this election year, it made me think again of the high levels of innumeracy present in our society. I wish to reiterate the harmful social effects of innumeracy, given that most examples in use today have you consider trade-offs between two conflicting outcomes (e.g., Bush v. Kerry), outcomes that will change your life.

I Have a T-Shirt - Trust Me

Jun 06 2004

During the height of the battles between Bush and Kerry, some two weeks or so left before the elections, I received a knock on the front door of my house. Standing there was a nice young man, who was very much in favor of one of the two candidates.

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