Digital Darkness: A Broken Country

A group of hackers break into a Chinese manufacturing company's computer system, steal some code, change it, and inject it into a U.S. based utility company's computer servers. That triggers a cascade electromagnetic pulse (EMP) event that throws a large portion of the U.S. into darkness.

That day splits the story into two parts, surviving the chaos and decline of civil society, and the hunt for the perpetrators.

Henry, a friend of Jason, travels deep into the dark zone to help a friend protect his business, a gun store, and the friend's home and family. After all, Henry knew exactly what a gun store meant in a collapsing society with no laws.

While the people inside the "dark zone" deal with the economic fallout and collapse of civil society, Jason Caius and a small group outside the country chase down the culprits and deliver justice.

For Jason, thoughts and prayers, and sanctions were not enough.

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