The Minders

After graduating from college, the son of a prominent construction tycoon from Colorado, decides to tour the world. While in Iran, they kidnap him.

... A father and his daughter too are kidnapped in Iran. They are the family of an executive at the World Health Organization in Denmark.

... In Denver, Colorado, the county's head of Construction and Permits is threatened and asked to pay his gambling debts.

... Finally, in California, a young Stanford graduate is offered an amazing opportunity at a startup, focusing on mass inoculation technology.

These four events are tied together by way of a plan to attack the U.S. on their soil. Jason Caius, a Farsi and Arabic language teacher at the Monterey Defense Language Institute, with a secretive past and a godfather to the kidnapped college student, is called upon to help. Jason uses his extensive network of relationships cultivated over years of working in Iran, Iraq, and across Europe, to do whatever is necessary to help save his godson and quash the ill-fated terror plot. His ordeal takes him across the U.S. and Europe, through Turkey, culminating in Iran and Iraq, with action and plot twists in every town.

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